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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[Receive SMS text online free] 2 Free USA SMS virtual numbers for you to receive SMS textS FREE online at FreeCallsGuider Blog

Thank you for all your supports of our blog: FreeCallsGuider, dear readers. As the requested of some of the readers, I added 2 USA sms numbers here for all of you to receive FREE sms or voicemail online. The numbers are:
001-6199003969 and,

Just send SMS text to the numbers above, and you can check your sms text message here:

Moreover,  we listed some key words of free sms that people usually search at google for your references, if you like, give a search here at the google custom search:

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Any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Have fun!


Send Free SMS said...


Very Nice! Thanks for the post and share too.

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Thanks Again!

Awing said...

I tried
, cannot receive any sms.

Free Online texting said...

Thanks for sharing this tip, I have been using EZfreeSMS for free texting online

Anonymous said...

Is it stopped working?? I cant get the sms sent to these numbers.

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