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Friday, January 20, 2012

[ phone4you ] free international call 5minutes 5 calls per day

If you are interested in making free PC to phone calls ( free Web to phone calls), then try phone4you, you can make 5 calls every day, 5minutes each, I tried it, the voice is very good. Very easy to get one. Here I dedicated mine here, anyone see it can use it to make free calls.

You can make free calls to 40 Coutries, click the picture to see:

 If you want to have your own account, go to and sign up, then activate your account by the link at you email, and you will get another email with account info. Free calls only available on webphone. 

The other way to make free call is to call this South Africa access number: 087 1511200, when prompt, enter the international number followed by #. (this is for South Africa people to make free international calls in their Country, local cost applied)

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You can also make free international call at our webphone click here

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