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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facebook SMS 3/3 | add a virtual phone number to your existing mobile phone and receive SMS free via facebook messages

Now you have known how to receive SMS on facebook messages via the allocated virtual phone number from>facebook email address--->facebook messages

how about? 
facebook messges---->your existing mobile phone (free SMS) ?

Facebook SMS 2/3 | Add a virtual mobile phone number to your facebook | Free SMS to your facebook Messages |

Now you have a facebook email, How about add a virtual mobile phone number to your facebook email? How about when someone send SMS to this virtual mobile phone number and you can read it on facebook messages? That's cool. 

Now  you can have free mobile phone number from, you can choose one number from USA, SPAIN, UK OR FRANCE. One account one number, to get more numbers you need to open more accounts. How to do it? Please follow the steps:

Facebook SMS 1/3 | How to get a email address

Now it has been very simple to get the email address, with the email address you can check email from your facebook messages when someone send an email to your email address. please see the pictures as below and you will know it:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Send Free SMS to 66 Countries in the world

Send Unlimited Free SMS Worldwide!

Send Free SMS to AfghanistanSend Free SMS to Newzealand
Send Free SMS to AlbaniaSend Free SMS to Nigeria
Send Free SMS to AlgeriaSend Free SMS to Norway
Send Free SMS to AustraliaSend Free SMS to Oman
Send Free SMS to AustriaSend Free SMS to Philippines
Send Free SMS to BahrainSend Free SMS to Poland
Send Free SMS to BangladeshSend Free SMS to Qatar
Send Free SMS to BelgiumSend Free SMS to Romania
Send Free SMS to BrazilSend Free SMS to Russia
Send Free SMS to BulgariaSend Free SMS to Saudi Arabia
Send Free SMS to CanadaSend Free SMS to Singapore
Send Free SMS to ChinaSend Free SMS to South Africa
Send Free SMS to CyprusSend Free SMS to South Korea
Send Free SMS to Czech RepublicSend Free SMS to Spain
Send Free SMS to DenmarkSend Free SMS to Sri Lanka
Send Free SMS to EgyptSend Free SMS to Sudan
Send Free SMS to FinlandSend Free SMS to Swaziland
Send Free SMS to FranceSend Free SMS to Sweden
Send Free SMS to GermanySend Free SMS to Switzerland
Send Free SMS to GreeceSend Free SMS to Taiwan
Send Free SMS to Hong KongSend Free SMS to Thailand
Send Free SMS to IcelandSend Free SMS to Tunisia
Send Free SMS to IndiaSend Free SMS to Turkey
Send Free SMS to IndonesiaSend Free SMS to Ukraine
Send Free SMS to IranSend Free SMS to United Arab Emirates
Send Free SMS to IraqSend Free SMS to United Kingdom
Send Free SMS to IrelandSend Free SMS to United States
Send Free SMS to ItalySend Free SMS to Vietnam
Send Free SMS to JapanSend Free SMS to Yemen
Send Free SMS to Jordan
Send Free SMS to Kuwait
Send Free SMS to Libya
Send Free SMS to Madagascar
Send Free SMS to Malaysia
Send Free SMS to Morocco
Send Free SMS to Nepal
Send Free SMS to Netherlands

Sipsorcery also can let you have a SIP to your google voice (GV)by using IPKALL

Here we talk about how to add your sipsorcery SIP to your google voice to make outgoing call and receive incoming calls on your sip clients or voip device or voip phone.

1. Register a IPKALL account and get a virtual USA number, IPKALL offers a free USA virtual phone number routed to SIP.

Add a SIP to your google voice (GV) by Teltub

You can now use gHome service from Teltub free for one month (valued at $5). gHOME here means Transform Your Google Voice™ Into a Home Phone to call USA/CA unlimited free for one month with SIP account for your google voice (GV). That's supper Cool!

Details below:

Monday, November 28, 2011

FREE domain | Add a Free Domain to your blogger -

Today, had a new Domain powered by, our new domain is, isn't it cool? Yes, very cool. Do you wanna have one for your own blogger? If yes, then follow the steps:

FREE CALL | At least 20mins for you to call worldwide offered by RecordAll |Toll-Free access number | 36 countries access numbers available |

Do you want to record your calls when call your love ones or others ? Here, RecordAll can help you.
See images below to guide you throw, it offers 20-35minutes free trials according to different Countries. 

 more access number of 36 Countries

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poland virtual phone number one month trial for incoming call offered by HappyCall |SIP support|.pl

Only one month is too short for trial, however, if you have friend in Poland or travel to Poland, get this Poland number will be a good idea, at least you can have a free number and free incoming calls.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

TOP: Totally Free International Calls every day from the web made by YFCY (yes-free-call-yes)

Just click the image below to get access to the web phone and enjoy your Free international calls every day: 

Free SMS to Philippine sent from the Web, Mobile, Windows Desktop, Chrome Extension, iPhone, Android or Facebook

Chikka Text from everywhere: the Web, Mobile, Windows Desktop, Chrome Extension, iPhone, Android, Facebook. Send up to 100 free text messages to Philippine mobile phones. Use your Globe, Smart, or Sun mobile phone to register a NEW accout
don't have a Philippine mobile? don't worry, you can also

1 FREE global SMS every day

Are you still looking for free international SMS? Here I recommend one to you, you can send 1 global SMS per day, just click here to register and activate your account by using the code SMS to your mobile phone. Then complete your file and upload an image and you can share 1 FREE global SMS every day.


London Call £5 to try international call by calling allocated access number

If you have a UK mobile phone, you can try "London Call" to make international calls. It is not the free call, but can save your bill from international calls, if you are interested in it, then keep on reading...

Friday, November 25, 2011

uSMS2ME - 2 global SMS Free - Invite friends can get more

Let’s face it: No one wants to keep track of how many SMSs they have sent in the month. And no one wants to be faced with an unsightly bill at the end of the month just for keeping in touch with their loved ones.

uSMS2ME has listened. Register with us for FREE and you will be able to SMS your friends and family anywhere in the world at any time for FREE. No catches, simple as that – pure, unrestricted communication.

As if that wasn’t enough, registered members who contribute to the site by posting idioms, jokes and mobile resources may even be rewarded for their efforts.

So what are you waiting for? START with us, SMS your family and friends, SAVE $100s and we’ll leave you with a SMILE.

Now Say GOODBYE to those annoying EXPENSIVE bills forever!

click here to register:
Note: if the Country column asked to select Country, that means your Country is not covered by their service. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

SMSFun offers FREE 40sms to 55 Countries every day such as | India | UAE | Zambia | UK | etc...

If you are within the below 55 Countries, you can get 40sms (global) every day from SMSFun, you can send SMS on web after log in the following 55 Countries:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Up to 120minutes free global calling and 40 international SMS by

Free Trial Offer $2, Up to 120 Free Global Calling Minutes &
40 Free International Text Messages (SMS), No Credit Card # required

Check the rate here and see how much minutes you can get to call the Country you want.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I also Love Localphone, Cheap and good quality Calls worldwide, 5 mins free trial

Very Cool! I think most of the people who make voip call must have been known about Localphone from UK, the Rates is very cheap, quality is very good, I strongly recommend it if you are still looking for cheap and good quality international voip call. Click the below image to sign up:
For Students:
Students receive 100% extra credit with Localphone

For others
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Free call to US for 4 days during Thanksgiving 2011 by LocalPhone

Happy ThanksgivingFree calls
to the US
for 4 days

Starts Thursday 24 November…

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