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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Sms Service in Pakistan via Gmail to Mobilink users

Few days before I was thinking that there are lots of VOIP provider who only provides the service of making free calls to anywhere in the world but I was shocked that there is no one who provide free SMS service. Then, I was surprised when I heard about the collaboration of Google and Mobilink that you can make chat on any Mobilink numbers through Gmail. This news is really amazing because no one can provide this facility ever before and it is the first time that any social network connects with a telecommunication sector. The process of this facility is very simple because it is just like a chat, you firstly enter the Mobilink number on Gmail account to which you want to send SMS and when that person receive the SMS he can also reply on your Gmail account. There is a choice for Mobilink number that they want to make chat or not. How we can make this process, below it has been mentioned:

How can we get:

1.You just have a Gmail account and if you have not an account on Gmail just make it from this link
2.After making account you can now add the number on the chat option and start chat with your required Mobilink number.
3.This is the simple process to get this facility.

How it operates through Gmail:
The most easy and simple way of using this facility which are as follows:

1.After making your Gmail account, sign-in to it and open the chat box which is placed on the right of the account.
2.Enter your required Mobilink number to whom you want to make chat.
3.After entering number another small window has been opened.
4.It verifies your dialed number like the country code, digit etc and gives the option to save this number and also to add another number.
5.Now, you can start sending messages on that number.
How make respond by Mobilink user:

When a Mobilink user receives SMS how he can make respond to this SMS, just follow these points:

1.Like simple SMS you just press the button reply and make respond to your Gmail user.
2.Mobilink user has the right to may receive or might be decline SMS though: 
1.Block: helps in block SMS from specific Gmail account.
2.Unblock: helps in restart chat with blocked account.
3.Help: it provides different options about chat.

Limitations and Service charges:

However, where it is provided so many facilities it also has some limitations that are as follows:

1.A Gmail account has a credit of only 50 SMS to send.
2.Every single message reduces the number of credits.
3.Whereas, the Gmail account increased its credit by 5 SMS per reply which is made by that Mobilink number.
4.When a Mobilink user respond to Gmail account he can charged Rs. 1+tax.
5.These are simple limitations and service charges that never ever see before because it is created to make friendly environment among users.
This opportunity has been used only Mobilink user and it has come into being by a partnership between Google and Mobilink which is consider one of the most amazing partnerships in the world of internet and telecommunication.

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