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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is hosted PBX / Virtual PBX ?

What is Hosted PBX Service? The full name for PBX is Public Branch Exchange, which means telephony switchboard hardware. To put is simply, with a hosted pbx, you are able to route your incoming call to a different extensions in your office. Usually, you see some hardware hide in some back room in the company, they may be hosted pbx hardware.If you are using hosted pbx service, a call to you will firstly go through your hosted pbx hardware and then routed to you. So now let’s make it simple to you, a hosted pbx is a system which makes it very simple to run small business voip without worring about the technical side.
routing calls, hosted pbx service will beneit small business more. Hosted pbx will help small business to run voip like transfering and forwarding your calls, managing incoming calls for the business. And hosted pbx system also covers service like voicemail, fax,conference calls and other voip service.
To be exact,the mention hosted pbx service is not really hosted pbx. It’s pbx. Hosted pbx system work the same way like PBX. But because this pbx system is a hosted one,there is no high cost of buying hardwares. And no expensive upgrading cost for the PBX. The difference between of PBX and hosted pbx is that with hosted pbx small business are able to run advanced voip.  PBX hardware is unable to get it free unless someone gives you as a gift. However, is there any free Hosted PBX service provider?  The answer is yes, we have introduced some skills of PBXes before, they offer free hosted PBX services also. You read below.

How to use PBXes (1): Add a SIP extension and use it for outgoing calls and incoming calls

Hosted PBX can also be called virtual PBX in some way.

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PBX Maintenance said...

Hosted PBX service will allow your company to realize the benefits of VoIP while avoiding the cost of managing a complex business phone system. VoIP is ideal if you are looking for a solution that will grow seamlessly you can simply add and remove extensions and features as you require. Thanks a lot.

ethernet broadband said...

Your clients or customers will never get a busy signal and you will never miss a call. Your hosted IP PBX system also sends faxes and voice mail to you wherever you happen to be, so you don’t miss out on critical information just because you leave the office.

Business Phone Equipment said...

With hosted PBX your company can easily connect remote offices together and maximize the power telephone systems. Callers can remember one number but be directed to employees around the world without any extra effort. Thanks a lot.

Call Center Solution said...

Hello friends,

A hosted PBX is a virtual telephone system where, instead of having all your telephone hardware in the office, your hardware is provided by a system hosting company, and you connect to the system via a network connection. It is a complete software-based telephone system that is located in a secure remote telecommunications carrier data centre. Thank you.

Avaya Telephone said...

The benefits of hosted PBX are really tremendous when compared to its maintenance and easy handling. It is a visual phone, which comes with enormous features clubbed together in order to perform successful and non-tangible business. Thanks a lot.

Avaya said...

Hosted is a great way to lowerd down the cost while optimizing the connection.
Phone Systems

telcan said...

I have been using Telcan Business Phone Service for over an year without any problem You may want to give them a try. I personally think that they provide the best Business Phone Service.They have this on their website "will beat any price by 10%. Over 50 Features. 12 years in Business. Rated “A” by BBB (Better Business bureau)" .

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