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Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to forward skype to mobile phone FREE (1) via PBXes

Recently, we talked about how to make free calls from Skype, many of my blog readers told me it works great for them, it was such a good skills for voip fans, if you don't know how yet, just search How to make free Calls from Skype at our google search bar to get these skills.

I think every body knows how to forward your Skype to your mobile phone, it is a very easy function of Skype, this let your loved ones can reach you when you are not on Skype, and as you know it cost the minutes of your Skype credits, skype rate in some Countries are cheap, but you need to pay the connection fee, I really don't like this, the credits run faster than I can image. Are there any ways to make Skype forwards to mobile phone or fixed phone free without using Skype credit? If you are looking for this solutions for a long time and haven't get the answer yet, then you are came to the right place, what I am going to write is: how to forward Skype to mobile phone FREE (Fixed phone works also of course), here are the steps:

Step 1: Add a SIP provider which has free munites to call your mobile phone at the SIP trunk of PBXes, if you don't have SIP provider, you can try Nymgo, or go to our sidebar to fin "SIP" then click "FREE sip calls" to get one. Here we set Nymgo as an example: (if you don't have a Nymgo free $3 account, go to our google search bar under the main menu, and type nymgo and click search, and you will see the post of how to get $3 at Nymgo if they still provide free)

Now, follow the steps after you get the Nymgo $3 or others SIP providers with free minutes to your mobile phone:
1): Click Trunks=>Add Trunk=>Add SIP Trunk

2):  then fill in the blank as below, the others remain unchanged and then scroll down the page and click "Submit Changes".

Trunk Name: Nymgo1 ( it can also be any name you like to choose)
Username: freecallsguider (it is the SIP username of your SIP provider account)
"Register: no (just outbound calls)" means adding this SIP trunk only for making outgoing calls, not for incoming calls. 
Choose "yes (inbound and outbound calls)", then this SIP trunk can not only receiving incoming calls, but also can make out going calls. 

3):  Add a Outbound Routing.
1. click Outbound Routing=> 2. Add Route=> 3. Route Name: Nymgo1=> 4. Trunk Seuence: SIP/Nymgo1=> 5. Select Numbers starting by and Separate prefix=> 6. Fill in 99=> 7. scroll down the page=> 8. click "Submit Changes"=> 9. finally click the Red Highlight. 

99 prefix here is for calling out by using this SIP trunk Nymgo1. 
because people usually add more than one SIP trunk, the PBXes system need to know which trunk to call out, dial 99, at the PBXes system will use Nymgo1 to call out, if you add another SIP trunk like Nymgo2, then you need to add prefix e.g: 88. 

The 99 or 88 here is just for examples, you can choose any digits you like, but please make sure not to choose the Country Code like 001, 0044 or 1 or 44, etc.

Step 2:    Add a classical Extension and your mobile phone number at PSTN.
Click Extensions=>Add Extension=>Classical 
 Add your PSTN (landline number or Phone number), here add you mobile phone number

Extension Number: 8002   (you can choose any 3 or 4 digits)
Display Name: PSTN        (can leave blank or can add any wordings)
URL: freecallguider-8002  (username-8002)

(fox example your phone number is 001-800-3733-411) then,
PSTN Number: 990018003733411 (prefix 99 here is to use SIP trunk Nymgo1 to call out as we set here: )
Then click Submit and click the red highlight

Step 3:Get the SIP address of extension 8002 by adding a incoming route.

Click Inbound Routing=> Add incoming route=>

Trunk: freecallguider-8002  (same as the URL of extension 8002)
Extension: PSTN<8002>   (for both)
Select "No override (obey the above settings)
The others remain in blank
Click "Submit" and then the red highlight

and you will get the sip address e.g:,
Now, call the SIP, your mobile phone number will rings. The next step is to route a skype voice number of Tropo to this SIP address: so as to let skype call your mobile phone free. 

Step 4: Get a Free Tropo account and set up an application according to this post:
Click here to open a tropo free account by click "Try it Free"
Login your tropo and add a app (application) according to this page
Please make sure to change the code at Step 6 to the bolow ones:

say("thank you, connecting you to the mobile phone of free calls guider, please wait");           transfer("", {playvalue: "", timeout:120.0})
Please make sure to change freecallguider-8002 into your own one.
The contents in say("  ") can be changed into whatever you want to say, just type it in and Tropo will speak for you by using its TTS.

When finished, you will get some numbers at your Tropo application, one of them is the Skype Voice e.g:+990009369991480655 

Call this number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 at your Skype (don't worry, it is free calls, no charge at all), you will hear "thank you, connecting you to the mobile phone of free calls guider, please wait", and after around 10-20 seconds, your mobile phone rings. 

Step 5: Now, forwards this number e.g: 00990009369991480655 to Skype, before doing this, please make sure you have opened the phone forwarding function at Skype (That means you need to have credits at your account, once you have, then the call forwarding function is available )
Click Tools => Options => Calls => Call forwarding =>
Then fill in the number e.g:  00990009369991480655 and click save. 

Test now, get offline skype, and try to call your Skype by using another Skype account, you will hear prompt at Step 4, then around 20 seconds later, your mobile phone rings, success! Well done!

However, your mobile phone only rings 2-3 times, and then it stop ringing, it is too hard to pick up the phone, everyone needs longer ring times, don't worry, here we have a solution, just follow step 6 below:

Step 6: Get longer ring times at PBXes, otherwise, your mobile phone only rings 2-3 times, then it stops ringing because the default time of PBXes is 30 seconds, now go to your PBXes menu, and click "General Settings" and change the 30 into 80, click Submit Changes. 
Don't forget to click the Red highlight after that.

Now you have longer ring times at your mobile phone, it rings just enough for you to have time to pick up up, nearly a minute. 


What about the voice mail ? If your mobile phone has voice message services, then it is ok, but if you have this service and want to have a voice message from the one who call you? We also have a solutions here, it is free of course, see step 6.

Step 7: Skype has voicemail services, however, it works not well at all for callforwarding, what we need to do is to use the free voicemail by PBXes. 
Click Extension => PSTN<8002>=>Scroll down the page and you will see voicemail setting, follow the below image:
Select "Enabled"
Choose in your voicemail password
Fill in your email to receive this voicemail
Select, yes, yes, yes, yes, no
Click Submit
Finally Click red highlight to finished the voicemail setting.

If you don't pick up the phone, it will go to voice message, you will get the voice message to your email filled above as soon as someone left a voice message to you. 
There are 3 ways for you to get the voice message:

  1. you can dial *98 by your pbxes sip extension 2001 at eyebeam, when prompt, enter your extionsion number 8002, you will be asked to enter the voicemail password, after that you can hear the voicemail. 
  2. The voice message will be also attached to your email, you can download it to paly it. 
  3. You can check it at PBXes, just logout your PBXes, and open, login with your freecallguider-8002 (change freecallguider into your own one), then the password of voicemail, and you will go to the page of voicemail.

You may have a question, how can I know if I have a voicemail if I am not at the computer or I am not checking the email so often, can I get a notify SMS about the voicemail? Is it Free?

Answer: yes and yes


For facebook users, just follow these posts below, and you can get free SMS notify of your voicemail: 
Facebook SMS 1/3
Facebook SMS 2/3
Facebook SMS 3/3
(please remember to change the eamil address at Step 7 to your facebook email address)

(for Chinese, you can use free SMS notify serivce, but you need to change the email into your 139 eamil address at step 7. )

In all
Someone calls your SKype => Your Skype picks up and forwarded to Tropo Skype voice number free=> Tropo picks up and forwarded to the SIP or pbxes 8002 extension FREE => then 8002 ask PBXes to use sip provider Nymgo to call the PSTN (your mobile phone) FREE.

I am using these skills to receive free calls from my Skype when I am offline, it works perfectly.

Bingo! Done!
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