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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to forward skype to mobile phone FREE (2) via USA access number with Free Minutes

At last postWe use SIP providers with Free Minutes added at PBXes to make free CallForwarding  from Skype to your mobile phone or fixed phone, in fact there is a more easier way to do it instead of SIP providers, that is USA access numbers with Free Minutes, with this we don't need to use PBXes any more, what we use are:
1. Tropo (free calls to USA)
2. Voip providers with USA access numbers for free Minutes, call this access number which can be routed to your mobile phone 

And that's it, here we set an example of RecordAll to show how to have it worked:

Step 1: Use a voip providers account which has free munites to call your mobile phone via access number, if you don't have, you go to our sidebar to fin "ACCESS NUMBER FREE CALLS" then click "access numbers direct calls" to get one. Here we set  RecordAll  as an example: 
my number at RecordAll is 3175271000, and I choose the USA access number is +1-302-824-0106
Call this USA accessnumber 302-824-0106 by using callerID 31758271000, when it prompt, it can forward the calls to mobile phone, see how to set it up at the code of Step 2 below.

Step 2: Get a Free Tropo account and set up an application according to this post:
Click here to open a tropo free account by click "Try it Free"
Login your tropo and add a app (application) according to this page
Please make sure to change the code at Step 6 to the bolow ones:

<font color="#0c343d">say("thank you, connecting you to the mobile phone of free calls guider, please wait"); transfer("+13028240106;postd=ppppp18003733411", { callerID:"13175271000"});</font>
Explain of the above code:

1. The contents in say("  ") can be changed into whatever you want to say, just type it in and Tropo will speak for you by using its TTS.

2. +1302820106 is the USA access number

3. ppppp is for pause 5 seconds, one p is for 1 seconds
(because when prompt, the machine voice speaks, that lasts around 5 seconds)

4. 18003733411 is my mobile phone number in USA, you can change it to yours, please do remember it is in international format without "00" because of the calling rules of RecordAll.

5. 13175271069 is the phone number I registered at RecordAll.

Please edit the code and change to your correspondent ones.

When finished adding the code, you will get some numbers at your Tropo application, one of them is the Skype Voice e.g:+990009369991480655 

Call this number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 at your Skype (don't worry, it is free calls, no charge at all), you will hear "thank you, connecting you to the mobile phone of free calls guider, please wait", and after around 10-20 seconds, your mobile phone rings. 

Step 3: Now, forwards this number e.g: 00990009369991480655 to Skype, before doing this, please make sure you have opened the phone forwarding function at Skype (That means you need to have credits at your account, once you have, then the call forwarding function is available )
Click Tools => Options => Calls => Call forwarding =>
Then fill in the number e.g:  00990009369991480655 and click save. 

Test now, get offline skype, and try to call your Skype by using another Skype account, you will hear prompt at Step 4, then around 20 seconds later, your mobile phone rings, success! Well done!

In all
Someone calsl your SKype => Your Skype picks up and forwarded to Tropo Skype voice number free e.g:  00990009369991480655=> Tropo picks up and make free calls to your mobile phone automatically via RecordAll USA access number.

When use out of the Free Minutes, you can top up RecordALL or change another voip provider with free Minutes or Credits which offers USA access number to make free calls to you mobile phone, ( you go to our sidebar to fin "ACCESS NUMBER FREE CALLS" then click "access numbers direct calls" to get one) . Please also remember to change the code at Tropo to the correspondent ones according to your new voip account. 

Bingo! Done!
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