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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[MobileInChina] Free China Mobile Phone number to receive unlimited free incoming calls

Remember we have a post about [MobileInChina] before? It offered a free mobile phone number and charged ¥0.15/minutes for incoming calls, now it is completely free, very good news for you if you want to have a  China mobile phone number to receive unlimited free incoming calls out of China, especially good for the oversea Chinese or the ones who have Chinese friends in China. You loved ones only need to pay the local call, and you don't know to pay anything for the incoming calls.

So, how to get it?

1. For the one who has the account of [MobileInChina] 

If you have the MobileInChina account before, please log in your account at and click to choose the phone ID, I had just got one, it is 805690, very easy to get one, when someone call my mobile phone number offered by MobileInChina  13488834530, when prompt, then enter 805690, I can receive the incoming calls free. This phone ID 805690 just works as an extension of 13488834530 to receive free unlimited incoming calls free.

Since I chose the Phone ID, my SIP username also changed to 805690, here is the new SIP accounts:
SIP unername: 805690
Passwords: same as before
SIP server:  (also same)

Use your correspondent info to log in  eyebeam , and you can receive unlimited free incoming calls.

2. For the one who hasn't the account of [MobileInChina]:

Click here to get one, however, you need to tup-up at least ¥30 to chose the Phone ID for free incoming calls, old account needn't top-up.

3. More info, click here (use google chrome to Translate into your language if you don't understand Chinese)


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