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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to use PBXes (2) SIP trunk for outgoing calls

In this post, we've known how to add a SIP extensions to PBXes, and how this SIP extension works. Now, in order to make outbound calls to PSTN (landline or mobile phone), we need to adding a SIP trunk in PBXes. 

Why do we need to add a SIP trunk?
That's because SIP trunk enable us to make out going calls to PSTN (landline or mobile phone), just like adding Minutes to PBXes to call out.  (it also enable us to receive incoming calls, but we will talk about it later in another post)

What should be add? 
We should add the SIP accounts with free minutes here. 
(please not that not all the SIP accounts are supported by Free PBXes accounts, here we set Nymgo (free $3) as an example, if you don't have Nymgo, click here to get one, if you cannot get one, you can use another SIP accounts like, or go to our sidebar "SIP"=>"Free SIP Calls" to get one.

Now, let's follow the steps below to add and use the SIP trunk:

Step 1: Click Trunks=>Add Trunk=>Add SIP Trunk

Step 2:  then fill in the blank as below, the others remain unchanged and then scroll down the page and click "Submit Changes".

Trunk Name: Nymgo1 ( it can also be any name you like to choose)
Username: freecallsguider (it is the SIP username of your SIP provider account)
"Register: no (just outbound calls)" means adding this SIP trunk only for making outgoing calls, not for incoming calls. 
Choose "yes (inbound and outbound calls)", then this SIP trunk can not only receiving incoming calls, but also can make out going calls. 

How to receive incoming calls in this trunk? We need to set a inbound route and then route it to extension to enable inbound calls, that means if you do that, when someone calls your Nymgo SIP address, i.e:, your extension will rings. We will talk about it in the coming days, at this post we mainly talk about how to make outbound calls, we need to do one at a time. 

Step 3:  Add a Outbound Routing.
1. click Outbound Routing=> 2. Add Route=> 3. Route Name: Nymgo1=> 4. Trunk Seuence: SIP/Nymgo1=> 5. Select Numbers starting by and Separate prefix=> 6. Fill in 99=> 7. scroll down the page=> 8. click "Submit Changes"=> 9. finally click the Red Highlight. 

99 prefix here is for calling out by using this SIP trunk Nymgo1. 
because people usually add more than one SIP trunk, the PBXes system need to know which trunk to call out, dial 99, at the PBXes system will use Nymgo1 to call out, if you add another SIP trunk like Nymgo2, then you need to add prefix e.g: 88. 

The 99 or 88 here is just for examples, you can choose any digits you like, but please make sure not to choose the Country Code like 001, 0044 or 1 or 44, etc.

Step 4:   Now, you can login your extension 2001 SIP to eyebeam, and now you can try to make a out going call to PSTN (landline and mobile phone), as Nymgo dial rule is e.g: 001-800-373-3411, so you need to dail 99-001-800-373-3411 to make outgoing call. See this post if you don't know how to add extension 2001 in eyebeam

Step 5: You can try to add another SIP trunk and Outbound routing, please remember to add the Prefix, just repeat Step1 to Step 3. Here I add another Nymgo account name Nymgo 2 (you can add another SIP account like from or others, as long as they are supported by PBXes)

2nd SIP Trunk

2nd Outbound Route (prefix 88)

Step 6: 
Now, you can login your extension 2001 SIP to eyebeam, and now you can try to make a out going call to PSTN (landline and mobile phone), dial e.g: 99-001-800-373-3411, you will cost the Free Minute of SIP trunk Nymgo1, dial e.g: 88-001-800-373-3411 will cost the Free Minutes of SIP trunk Nymgo2. See this post if you don't know how to add extension 2001 in eyebeam

Now, I think you may have understand how to use SIP trunk for outgoing calls, Free PBXes account allows to add max. 5 SIP trunk. 

 If you don't want to use eyeBeam to call out, you can use the webcall (callback), to do this we need to add another extension: classical PSTN extension. I will give a post tomorrow. See you tomorrow...

If you don't want to may prefix at outbound routing to make outbound calls, then the one must be in the first place of outbound routing (below the Add route), prefix is 0.  
Otherwise, the system cannot find your outbound route to make call.
(for example, under the Add Route "0 Nymgo1" here, "0" is the first place, you can delete prefix 99 of Nymgo 1 route, but Nymgo1 must be at the place of "0", if 99 is deleted, then you need to dial 001-800-373-3411 to call out, but not 99-001-800-373-3411) . The other places can use without Prefix, for example place "1 Nymgo 2" is the second place, must use prefix such as 88 to call out.
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Unknown said...

PBXES outbounds:
1. i'm sorry but i found it a bit baffling, why do we need pbxes for outbound when we can simply register a valid trunk on any softphone or smartphone?
2. in my case i want to use PBXES for connecting to VOXBEAM, a termination service not using standard sip user/pw setting, but IP authorization (of the calls originating server) and an Asterisk dial string: exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/0011103${EXTEN}@James-dialout)

Please can some one be kind enough to walk me through how to put together the right configuration in my PBXES PRO or free account?

James Wong

BooBoo Phone said...

Hi James,

It is for the basic skills for PBXes, of course we have many choices for the PBX, softphone or smartphone.

Anonymous said...


I followed instructions on your website, how to set-up pbxes, extensions, trunk, inbound routing and outbound routing...

Extension is working well but am not being able to make outgoing calls from my eyeBeam 1.5...

Please tell me what I need to do as it seems complicated. I tried all other options in trunk but its just not working...


Awing said...

What is the your SIP provider? Not all the SIP provider works at PBXes.

Daizy Joshi said...

SIP trunk could be used to work with Voice over IP solution in business establishments. This is a solution that utilizes existing wired PBX models for communications for linking traditional telephone networks to external environment through the net.

Grim Reaper said...

hi guys, can i use this setting to make calls on my Asha 311 (s40) since it has internet telephone integrated ? Can you give me a guide on this or something ? Helps are greatly appreciated.

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