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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facebook SMS 1/3 | How to get a email address

Now it has been very simple to get the email address, with the email address you can check email from your facebook messages when someone send an email to your email address. please see the pictures as below and you will know it:

1. Click on
and clik on "Go to Messages" (see below picture at the right bottom)

2. Click on "Claim your Facebook email":

3. You will get the email address, then click on "Activate Email"

4.You email is available now, please read how to receive and read the email at below image:

5. I tried to send one to my email address from my, and here is the message:

6. How about getting a virtual mobile phone number for your facebook? That is send an SMS to this virtual mobile phone number, this SMS can forwarded to your facebook email free and you can read it on facebook messages. If you want it, click here to read more on Facebook SMS 2/3. 

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