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Thursday, October 27, 2011

MobileInChina gives you a free China mobile phone number

If you are overseas Chinese, here is a good news for you to have a free China Mobile Phone number offered by mobileinchina

Here is more details:

1. Click here to sign up, you will be asked to choose an 11-digits China mobile phone number,  after sign up, ¥0.6 will be offered for you to test the services.

2. Receive SMS free
in order to receive SMS free, you need to add the phone number of the sender in your friend's list first. SMS can be set to be forwarded to your email.

3. To place a call cast ¥0.08 per minute without showing the callerID, to receive a call costs ¥0.15 per minute, if you want to receive incoming call, also need to add the caller's phone number in the friend's list first.

4. It provides SIP account, you can receive or place call by using your SIP account that registered on eyebeam or others SIP client.

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