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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to use eyebeam (SIP softphone), with license code

Talking about SIP softphone, eyebeam will be the No.1 in the first thought, just like people talking about to make phone call from PC, Skype will be the first in mind. So what is SIP softphone? For common users, we just need to know it is a tool for phone call in computer, just like a mobile phone, it is not in your hand but in the computer, we don't need to think about the professional description of it. 

Sine SIP softphone = Mobile Phone, so where is the SIM card? Good question? The SIM card is the SIP account, such as:

username: awingchang
password: xxxxxx
Server / Domain:

the above info is the SIM card for the SIP softphone (your mobile phone in Computer). 

How to put this SIM card in the SIP softphone? That's why we open this subject today, it is very easy, just follow the steps below (let's set the eyebeam as an example):

Step 1. Download SIP softphone for PC: eyeBeam

Step 2. Unzip and install it on your PC, just click "next => next=> next=> next=> next=>=>install=>finish"

Step 3. Go to your desktop and find the eyebeam icon, double click on it and open eyeBeam:

Step 4. Enter the following license code when asked (or you can add later in the settings of the eyebeam): 


Step 5. Put the SIM card (the SIP account) in the mobile phone (eyeBeam) as below:

 for example, I use my SIP account offered by

username: awingchang
password: xxxxxx
Server / Domain:

(if you don't have any SIP accout, try to get on from here:, just register it with you email and you will get the SIP account info, very easy )

  • Frist check the box before "Enable the SIP account" 
  • enter your User name
  • enter your password
  • enter the Domain
  • Click on "OK"

Step 6. The eyeBeam will show logged in as below:

logging in
logged in
Step 7. Now, you've put the SIM card (sip2sip) in the mobile phone (eyeBeam). 

How to make a call? 

Since the SIM card (sip2sip) only offers to call SIP address, you cannot call PSTN (the landline or cell Number), so try this SIP address for testing a call: 
(just copy it, and click "ctrl+v" to paste it onto the eyebeam, and press the "green" call button and you can make a free SIP call to

Step 8. Is it works well? I think so.  The above SIM card ( is just and example to tell how to use eyebeam, of course, if you have SIM card but no FEE in it, you cannot call out, you may can only call the Free Calls (emergency calls), such as the is somewhat like emergency call though it is not a real one. 

Want to call your loved ones? Then you need to charge the SIM card, and you can call out. Don't want to charge it? Don't worry, there is some free SIP accounts with Free Minutes, which means you can call PSTN (landline or cell number).

Where is the SIP accounts with Free Minutes? Just go to the sidebar of this my blog, and find the "SIP", then you will find "Free SIP Calls", register one if you need, and put the SIP account on your eyeBeam and you can call your loved ones. 

Now, everything is clear, right?

Well, enjoy! Any question, leave your comment here.


Anonymous said...

gr8 post! keep on guy!

BooBoo Phone said...

Thank you! Bingo!

ramkrishna said...

may i know that after one time registering i can used sip account unlimited machine and unlimited years yes or no plz reply me????????

BooBoo Phone said...

I cannot guarantee that, however, it has been kept working very well for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

hi frend ,i have done everything which you posted above but there is login falure mesege in eye beam ?windows firewall shuold be on or off ??plz help with your kindness

Awing said...

It doesn't matter firewall on or off, but you can try to off finrewall and see what happen.