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Friday, January 13, 2012

How to use PBXes(6): Classical Extension for Free SkypeIN, sip to skype, virtual phone number to Skype

With the Classical extension, you can make free unlimited calls to Skype (3 minutes each time, unlimited times) (if you are using or as SIP trunk, then you can call Skype free with unlimited minutes).

Here are the steps:
Free SkypeIn
Step 1. Click Extensions=>Add Extension=>Classical 

Step 2. Add your Skype ID

Extension Number: 8001   (you can choose any 3 or 4 digits)
Display Name: skype        (can leave blank)
URL: freecallguider-8001  (username-8001)
PSTN Number: freecallguider@skype  (skypeID@skype)
Then click Submit and click the red highlight

Step 3. Webcall to skype
Open eyebeam and add your freecallguider-2001 SIP, 
Open your Skype 

Click Call, and your Skype rings (if not rings, click one more time)
Then your eyebeam (extension-2001) will rings also

Step 4. Try to call 8001 at your eyeBeam, your Skype will ring also
(that's because extensions can make free call to each other at PBXes)
If you use your Loved ones SKype, then of course, your loved ones Skype will ring. 

Step 5. Add a SIP to your skype (that's belong to incoming calls, above are outgoing calls)
Click Inbound Routing=> Add incoming route=>

Trunk: freecallguider-8001  (same as your Skype URL)
Extension: Skype<8001>   (for both)
Select "No override (obey the above settings)
The others remain blank
Click "Submit" and then the red highlight

Now, call the SIP, Skype rings

Step 6. Virtual Phone Number to Skype
Now add your Virtual Phone number such as IPKALL or UKDDI to this SIP, Call the virtual phone number, your Skype will rings.
Go to our sidebar find "FREE VIRTUAL NUMBERS" then "click Virtual Numbers to SIP" or

If your skype was forwarded to your Mobile Phone, then you can call the virtual number, your Mobile phone will rings (here you need to pay the Skype to Mobile Phone rate)
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