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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Call Button - Offers Free Calls to 120 Countries Each Day

Free call button

free calling to 120 countries

by using one of hundreds of local access numbers in over 50 countries. Pin required for free calling card service with global access numbers

Calls are limited to 6 minutes per hour. Daily Maintenance 12am-8am(New York time). 

How to use:

1. Click here and see if you Country is covered by free call or not, if yes, then continue the next step as below:

2. Choose your access number here
    such as choosing the USA number 2023155448

3. Check today's 4 digits Pin here
example (The red 4 digits below is the pin today, each day is different, so pin must be checked before dialing each day):

4. Dial the access number you chose and, 
when prompt enter the pin number, 
when comes the long ring tone, then enter the number that you want to call.
ie UK: 0044-203-298-6304

More details, please refer to the link of step 3.

Enjoy it !

You can make free call from the webphone (free web to phone calls)by using the US access numbers, I made this for my blog dear readers, click here to open it.

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