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Monday, October 17, 2011

Jetnumbers 2 days free trials call with $1.2 international call

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I just test jetnumbers, which offers 2 day free international call with $1.2, which enable you to call around 45mins.

Here is some more details about how to get the free trial:

1. click here to register for free trial

2. register with your phone number from USA, French, UK, Mexico, Ireland or Argentina.

3. your apply will be reviewed by jetnumbers manually, and they will allocate you an local phone number in Paris France by email with 72 hours.

4. when you get the number, just login your account and forward the paris number to your international destination. When you call the Paris number, the call will then connect to your destination number.

When I applied a free trial, no email for me after 72 hours, then I logged in to my account and sent them a message and asked why there was why no access number for me , they asked me to wait for 15 days, if no news yet, sent them an email again for the Paris number. So I did it after 15 days, and got it. It gave me 5 days free trial with almost $9 at that time, so I worth the waiting.

Now the time and $ is shorter,but the quality is quite good, so worth a try.

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