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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free international Callback by

FreeCallBackButton Offers free call back service for most fixed lines in North America,
Asia and Europe.

It has been an long and steady FREE service by

What is call back? 

1. enter your phone number
2. enter the phone number you want to reach
3. click call and the server will receive your call order
4. then the server will call you phone number, when you pick up the phone, 
     the server will then call the number that you want to reach, 
     and when it is picked up, you both can talk.

How to use:

1. Check today's 4 digits Pin here
example (The red 4 digits below is the pin today, each day is different, so pin must be checked before dialing each day):

2. Open the free call back button page here and follow the steps as showed on the page.

Free minutes
max.6mins per each call;
max.3 calls a day.

Wanna more free international calls? Please click here.

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