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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 offers free international calls worldwide for 20 minutes or more

Call the world free makes it easy to talk with and see your friends all over the world.

Here are some details:

1. Ofter 20 minutes free international calls;

2. Call on web phone in;

3. Can only use invitation link to register;

4. click here to get invited to register

5. Receive your activate code by SMS

6. Activate your account and enjoy it.

7. After activation, you will be offered €0.25 or €0.5 for the trail call
That's about 20 - 50 munites to landlines.

8. Add more Send your invitation link to your friends after they register succefully, you can have more €0.15 for each you invited.

9. I have had EURO 18, and you can do it too.

Oh, yes, you can send international SMS with your account.

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