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Monday, October 10, 2011

customercall free web callback trial for 2 weeks

Customercall is from Germany, it offers free web callback services for 2 weeks (14 days). Last time when I signed up and was offered 5€, about 100 free call back minutes to China. Of course different Countries has different rate. You can have more details at customercall

Please provide true information when sign up, if not,
they may block your account. So not to abuse using it.

After sign up, you will received an email with CODE;
You will need to embed the CODE to make the call;
If you don't know much about HTML, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your "notebook" at your computer;
2. Just copy the code there;
3. Before save it, choose "all files", and give it a name with the ending of ".html", then click save;
4. double click the html file you've just saved, and it will open in the web browser automatically. 

Enter the international number that you want to call, Customercall will first call the number you entered and then call the number you registered. 

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