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Monday, October 3, 2011

Make free Call From Skype - Teleku enables call out from skype free [updated]

Teleku offer free AIP trail, you can make free call From Skype by Teleku. 

When you sign up, you can get free services as below:

1. Free USA virtual number with extension;

2. Free Skype call out to USA and,
CA, we can use access number here from and to dial free international call (more details below);

3. Free iNUM

4. Free sip for incomming calls Here I talked about how to make free call from skype by using Teleku services: free forwards to USA numbers.

------>1. signup
------>2. click "Create New Phone App ----->then click "Novice (PhoneML Wizard)"
------>3. Click "+Add Action", and choose "Transfer caller to another phone number"
------>4. enter your USA or CA phone number and then click "Add"
------>5. you can add the access number of if you want to make free
          international call, such as 2062795097
------>6. finally click Save PhoneML
------>7. now, the APP has been set up
------>8. you will see your 3 digit extension number and "Skype:TelekuApp"
------>9. add "telekuapp" in your skype, it will show offline always,
          but never mind, just right click your mose at "telekuapp" and
          choose call, and you will be asked to entered the 3 digit extension when prompt, then you can call free.
------>10. ENJOY!

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