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Friday, October 14, 2011

United conference calls for 30 Countries

United conferencing has a worldwide list of access numbers in 5 continents over 30Countries that make it easy to host an international conference call. Call in from any of the access numbers listed in their site and you will be placed into the same conference bridge as your fellow participants. If you reside
in a country outside of this list, use one of our three regular landline access numbers listed at the bottom of this page and make an international long distance call to connect.

These access number are not toll free number like confcall, which means you need to pay the local call by using United Conferencing access numbers, while confcall needn't. 

However, United Conferencing offer more international access number 

United Kingdom
Access Number: +44 20 3347 7777
Rate: Regular Landline

Access Number: +1 415 484 7100
Rate: Regular Landline

Access Number: +81 3 4580 0235
Rate: Regular Landline

Confcall has only 1 world access number

International Conference CallWorld+31207190803

Rate: Regular Landline

and Confcall has one middle east access number which United Conferencing hasn't yet:

Conference Call Middle EastMiddle East+8821622774604

How to use:

 1. Make up a six-digit code, such as 888666 (can be any six digits)
 2. Tell the participants this six-digit code, access number, date and time by email or phone call or others way.
 3. Participants then call the same access number.

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