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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

freetring - unlimited free international call based on...

If you have time, you can get free points from freetring to change it into US dollars to make free international calls.


How to get points:

Get Free credit to try new products,sign up for websites
and services like Adding Facebook apps,Downloading games
Downloading music player, sign up for websites, sign up for news letters

I tried one by:
"Points awarded when you download and install software"
It gave me 17points within 30 minutes.

Many of "Points awarded when you complete valid registration info and complete survey" are around 30points each.

some of them can up to more than 100points for each survey.

If you are interested and have time, you can do it, the rate is quite low, $1 can make around 100mins call to USA.

Sign up here and then you can start get free points and making free international call.

How to call:
1. Web call back
2. SIP call out (offers you sip account, you can use it on PC, ios, android ect.)
3. Pinless dial (dial access number)
4. Speed dial

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