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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unlimited Free Calls by likiwi, free call to 40 Countries in the world

Likiwi is a French voip phone site, you can get free points by click their ads, each ad is 10pints. I have had 1885points which enables me to call up to 250minutes, different Countries have different points per minute. 

With likiwi's points, you can make free call on likiwi's web phone to 40 Countries in the world. 

Here are the steps:

1. click here to register (choose not a member?)  
or use your facebook account to login directly, no need to register.

2. After all the info was filled, an email will be sent to you instantly, open the email and click "CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT"

3. Then login to your account with your email address, you will get 10 welcome points, and you need to click an ads in order to activate the web phone.

4. How to click ad? First click "call test" on the left, then click "Free Web Call"

Click an ad you like, it will play around 20-30 seconds. 

After the ad, you will receive 10 more points. 

5. if you want make free phone call, just click the "Phone Call" 

If you use your facebook account to login, you can add Likiwi app to your facebook, and then you can make free phone call from your facebook.

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