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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jibtel offers free 1€ international call back test

  • If you are in one of the following 7 Countries, 
  • France, Spanish, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Portugal and Algeria,
  • then congratulation, you can got 1€ free call from Jibtel for call back, 
  • Jibtel offers of free credit so you can test the call quality. This is a free test that does not commit you to anything: no subscriptions, no fees and no obligation.

After registered jibtel, add one destination phone number(available to most of the Countries in the world), it provides you an access number which directly connects the destination you added, you can call this access number and talk with you destination now. 

Or you can add  more other 4 phones as the call phone if you want more phone to call this access number. 

Here is how it works: ( call back )

  • 1. Turn on in my preferences by checking the phone number that you want to call in CALL BACK.
  • 2. Dial the local number that you provided Jibtel to join your party.
  • 3. The call should disconnect automatically, otherwise, simply hang up.
  • 4. Jibtel remind you after a few seconds (5 to 10 seconds) and asks you to press 1 for the linkage. You call without using your phone plan.

  • 1. Dialing Jibtel
  • 2. Instant Logout
  • 3. Automatic redial
  • 4. Validation by key 1
  • 5. Linking

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