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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lleida offers 20 credits and a virtual number to send and receive SMS. Spainish, UK, French or US virtual number is available.

As captioned, Lleida offers one of the 4 Countries virtual phone number each account to receive and send SMS with its free 20 credits. 

1. Open Lleida and click Free account at the left side menu to fill in your register info. 

2. You will receive an activate code sent to your mobile phone, when you activate with this code, the account info of your Lleida will be sent to your email, such as the virtual number, username and password etc..

3. Please use your credits with 48 hours, or it will be deactivated, and after that, use your credits at least 6 months a time because Lleida says: 

Your number will be deactivated if it is not used within 48 hours. Your number will be disabled after six months of inactivity.

Lleida has websms and also a client for sms, try it, much fun, yeah.

Send SMS from cost credits according to different Countries.
For incoming SMS, except US number cost 0.125credits, the others numbers in 3 Countries cost nothing.

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