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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love Rebtel - Free Unlimited 10 seconds call worldwide, wonderful quality, free international call back, Free calls to Skype, reasonable rate

I think everybody knows about rebtel if you play voip phone, and I would like to have it on my blog because it is really perfect for me and works very well all the times with wonderful voice quality. Here I share 2 very nice features of Rebtel:

1. Free Unlimited 10 seconds call worldwide from Rebtel PC client, Landline, mobile, or mobile apps (Android, iPhone, blackberry)


2. Free international call back worldwide of your landline of mobile, what you need to pay is the local call to the local access number, no need to pay any international fee, (an international call by local access number contains local fee and international fee)many of the people in their own Countries has free certain minutes to local calls, in this way, then calls can make international call totally free.

3. Free unlimited call to Skype users. 

Note: As long as your incoming call is, then you can make free calls of above.

How to use it, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign up rebtel with your phone number, you will got FREE 5 minutes international test call, some of the Countries may need to verify your number by voice, verification is free as long as your incoming call is free. Usually press "1" after the prompt so as to verify your phone number.

2. Add a friend's phone number so as to get a local access number for you to call.

3. Add your friend's or your's Skype account in the contact list and you can also get a local access number for your Skype. SkypeIn Free

4. Start calling: You can use your verified phone number to call the allocated access number, it was forwarded directly to your friend's number or skype. If you don't have free local call, you can Download Rebtel PC client, log in and tart making free call. Here is the video of how use PC client:

Rebtel call iNum totally free, add the iNum first to get a access number to call. 

5. If you have family, relative or friends overseas, and the international call is super expensive, you can use Rebtel PC client to place free unlimited 10 seconds call to ask him to get online to chat or call you back free (he/she may need to pay local call if using their own landline or mobile SIM).

After you cost the FREE 5 minutes, you can also have the international call above FREE by using the call back service of Rebtel, with or without the FREE 5 minutes,it doesn't matter. 

More details please refer to rebtel.
Rebtel Download: PC client, mobile apps

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