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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Add a SIP to your google voice (GV) by Teltub

You can now use gHome service from Teltub free for one month (valued at $5). gHOME here means Transform Your Google Voice™ Into a Home Phone to call USA/CA unlimited free for one month with SIP account for your google voice (GV). That's supper Cool!

Details below:

  • Free Minutes: unlimited calls to US/CA valid in 1 month for $5 
  • Availability: Worldwide;
  • Activated by: email; 
  • Ways to Call: use SIP account to call USA or CA free, receive calls free.


2. Then choose gHOME service

3. Go to your google voice account and make sure you google voice (GV) has room for adding a new phone;

4. Fill in your google voice account then the password;

5. With 90 seconds, a new US phone number will be added to your google voice account, go check in your google voice account phones page like mine below: 
my allocated US phone number is 323-410-1138

This is the phone number your get from TELTUB

6. Follow the steps and then you will asked to get a TELTUB adapter or not, click "I have my own voip adapter" at the bottom of the popup window, and then you will Get your SIP account like below:
Username: booboophone
Password: sh9y6xvx
Keep Alive: Enable

Here I open my account, you can register it to your SIP client like eyebeam or flaphone to have a test.

Nomatter the allocated US phone number or the GV number, you can receive incoming calls free with the SIP account on SIP client, and when you make outgoing calls, the CallerID is your GV.

You can choose the Canada phone number (account----phone numbers) free thought it show $3, but it is free. The numbers in others Countries besides US/CA are charged, not for free.

To add a SIP account for your google voice (GV), you can also get an account from or to set it up. 
I will write more about these 2 above later soon.

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