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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get a German DID virtual number Free for Unlimited incoming call

If you want to have a German virtual number, then please register bulsip. I have had one half a year ago, my number is:
+49 89 721010 50833 
it routed to my blusip's SIP account:
user: bluesip/yesfreecallyes
password: my own password
sip address:

After sign in, you can download their softphone NinjaLite to receive incoming calls, or you can also use your SIP account to login eyebeam, flaphone or others SIP client to receive incomming calls. If you have family, relatives or friends in Germany, you can give them this number for them to call you, they need to pay the local calls. 

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Anonymous said...

How can I change my password?

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