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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

056 UK virtual phone number with sip provided and unlimited free SMS receiving by voipfone

If you want to have a 056 UK virtual number for free unlimited incoming call, then sign up at Voipfone and get one now, you can keep it as yourself as long as you use it every 30 days. I have one, it is 05603686105, incoming call is totally free and unlimited.

1. Sign up with your paid email or company email, please don't use free email like gmail or yahoo or hotmail etc..., you will be blocked sooner or later. I use my company's email, and it works well for a very long time. 

2. After sign up, you will be allocated the 056 phone number and  sip account like below:

Number: 05603686105
SIP account: 30152000
Voipfone Password: 696000
sip server:

Others free service:

1 Receiving SMS free (you can check when you log in)

If there is anyone wants to send SMS to your Voipfone, 
for UK mobile phone send to 07786200161,  out of UK send to 00447786200161
SMS content must be start with your SIP account, 
for example, if your SIP account is 30152000, 
so the SMS content should be:  30152000 how are you?

2.  Conference call:
The participants call: 0843 176 0000 or +44 843 176 0000 then enter your sip account:30152000 and then enter the code:8888
The conference room will be open to all of you, free.  All you need to pay is the local call. 

However, confcall is far more better than this and no need to pay the local call by calling the toll free number 0871 529 1040

Last but not least, you can also try UKDDI to have UK virtual phone numbers, it is easier to apply one. 

Or click here to see other UK virtual numbers.

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