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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ring2me give a virtual number for your SkypeIn covered 30 Countries

Last time, we talked about Teleku offered SkypeOut free to USA or CA and free to other countries by using the access number of freecallpin and freephone2phone.

Today ring2me offers you a virtual phone number for SkypeIn, it covered the following 30 Countries:

Once you sing up, you will get a phone number and a private extension. All calls to your extension ring at your Skype. That's it. SIMPLE, RELIABLE AND FREE.

There maybe a 10 seconds ad when dial the extension before ring to your skype, but we all need to understand, these ads enable us to use this ring2me service free. It is a great offer which worth our support. 

If you don't like extension or ad, you can pay for their service by offer you a non-extension virtual phone number for SkypeIn.

More virtual phone number for many Countries click here.

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