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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Route a free UK virtual DDI phone number to your SIP account

UKDDI is owned by 3C Limited, a UK registered company.
I've been used its service for a very long time: free UK virtual DDI phone number routed to sip address  to receive incoming calls. This service has been working very well for me.

If you know IPKALL, then you will like UKDDI, IPKALL offers free US virtual phone number to route to SIP address, and UKDDI offers UK number to route to SIP address. Incoming calls totally free without limited.

Today I received an email from UKDDI about their updated website, it looks better than before. 

UKDDI offers the following FREE service:
  • Free 10 UK DDI numbers for one account;
  • Free incoming call routed to SIP (see +441138580187 as an example);
  • Free inward fax to email (see +441572090176 as an example);
  • Free SIP account for you to route the DDI number to (see +441613530581 as an example);

if you need more than one account, please remember to contact them by email to apply it at, if not they may delete your multiple accounts. 

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Spideymang said...


Your post help me setup my account with flaphone and ukddi

The image is the clue, thanx!!

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