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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tropo is PERFECT for free voice call and virtual numbers

I've been used tropo free account as a developer for quite a time, and found it was such a great service, I am not that good at writing code but also can use Tropo with the help of my friend. 

Tropo is a powerful yet simple API that adds Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM support to the programming languages you already know.

Sign up for an account (It's Free!)

Create an application and get a phone number (also free)

Make a phone call (still free)

Send a text message (yep, still free)

Here I share my experiences about using tropo in the voice app, such as use SKYPE to call free international call:

click here to open tropo and click Try it Free to sign up

when you sign up, you are an developer of tropo app now, as a developer, you can use its free services to build the APP, pay only when you APP is ready.

Follow this page to set up an app, however, if you want to the app transfered to USA or CA phone number, please change the file text in 6th step to: (here I use 80037333411 as an example)
say("thank you, connecting");           transfer("+18003733411")

Tips: if you want to transfer to the number out of USA or CA, such as UK, it is also free, in order to make any outbound international call, you will need to contact support (either through the forumsor via and request accessclick here for the contact info. The following Countries are supported to be transfered free for outbound calls:
    • 1 USA and most of Canada
    • 30 Greece
    • 31 Netherlands
    • 32 Belgium
    • 33 France
    • 34 Spain
    • 351 Portugal
    • 352 Luxembourg
    • 353 Ireland
    • 36 Hungary
    • 39 Italy
    • 41 Switzerland
    • 44 UK
    • 46 Sweden
    • 48 Poland
    • 49 Germany
    • 852 Hong Kong
    • 972 Israel

During step 3, you can choose a virtual number in many Countries to be attached to this app, so your app will be like in this, Countries are:

    + Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US (including Puerto Rico)
Note: For numbers in Germany, Norway, Croatia, Netherlands, and France, please open an account ticket.

After the app set up, you will be allocated the following phone numbers:

Voice & Messaging: (256)274-0003                   // USA number
International Voice: +32 28082266                      // French number I applied
Skype voice: +990009369995135254                // Use your skype to call this number free
SIP Voice:     // use SIP client to call this sip free
INum Voice: +883510001841999                       // use voxalot or Voxox to call this number free
Phono App Address: app:9996149300

when you call one of the numbers above, calls will be transfered to the number that you wrote in step 3. 

and now you can use Skype to call free international. It is such great, right?

Here I give you some more code about transfer a call in step 3

a.  press 1 to call this one, press 2 to call that one etc....
result = ask("Welcome to the Tropo company directory. Who are you trying to reach? Press 1 for Jason, 2 for Adam and 3 for Jose ", {
   choices:"1, 2, 3",

if (result.value == "1")
           say("Connecting you to Jason");
if (result.value == "2")
           say("Connecting you to Adam");
if (result.value == "3")
           say("Connecting you to Jose");

b. ask to enter the number you wish to call:

result = ask("Welcome,dail the number you wish to call", {
choices:"[10 DIGITS]",
timeout: 10.0,
say("Connecting you now");
playvalue: "",
terminator: "*"


c. show caller's ID, you can change the caller ID to any USA number you want.

say("thank you, connecting");
           transfer("+18003733411, {callerID:"188888888"});

d. auto press key or dial extension: (p is for pause 1 second)

say("thank you, connecting");
           transfer("+18003733411;postd=ppppp9ppppp1pppp0018003733411", { callerID:"18888888888"});

e: transfer the allocated phone number to your sip client (change the sip to your own sip)

say("thank you, connecting");

if you have no sip account, you can have one free from voxalot or flaphone or sip2sip

NOTE: the above numbers or sip are samples only, you need to change it to your own numbers to have them work for you.

More code, please refer to methods summary in tropo, click here

For number to have a test, you can use Podlinez, click here
For more Skype free, click here
For USA free access number to make free international call, click here or click here 
For more virtual numbers click here
For similar service like tropo click here

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hello there can you make a tutorial of how to receive sms online using WEBapi of tropo and how to post it to with all the code and step by step guide.

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