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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sipey gives $1 for | web call back | | direct call with access number | & | SMS |

Sipey from The Czech Republic offers $1 for free call trial worldwide, click here to see how many minutes you can get.

How to get this offer?

1. Click here to sign up with your mobile phone number;

2. You will receive and SMS with activate code;

3. You will get an email with activate link;

4. Open the link, and fill in your activate code.

5. Then you will get $1 on your account.

How to USE?
1. Web Call back, click call from web on the right sidebar after login;
2. Direct call: add a contact and you will be assigned a access number, call that access number will forward you call to your contact's number.
3. You can add Skype account as the contact number, call will directed to the Skype
4. You can send international SMS by click the send SMS on the right sidebar.

You can add another phone number as a callback phone or direct call (by click add phone on the web call back page), no need to activate by SMS code, and you can also make it as the main phone. 

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