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Monday, November 28, 2011

FREE domain | Add a Free Domain to your blogger -

Today, had a new Domain powered by, our new domain is, isn't it cool? Yes, very cool. Do you wanna have one for your own blogger? If yes, then follow the steps:

1.  Choose your own domain at here

2. Click check availability. If it is available, you can get it now by registering an free account.

3. When finish sign up, click "set up" and follow the steps here
     At, set up "2. Zone Record" as below: (no need to set up 1.Name server or 3.URL forwarding)
At blogger, click "settings"---> +Add a custom domain ----->switch to advanced settings, then enter your domain and click save. 
Now, Done!Congratulations! 

4. Now open you domain on web browser, your blogger will open, you can also open the original blogger address, both works. 

You can try us to see what had happened:

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