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Friday, November 11, 2011 offers USD0.5 for free international call trial  gives your USD0.5 for the international trial calls, around 30 minutes USA, if you want to call others Countries, you can check here to calculate and see how many minutes you can get .
How to call?
first of all, click FREE TRIAL to sign up

1. Direct call
    1) Call access number
     Use your registered phone to dial the access number in your Countries, when prompt,  dial the international number you want to call. 

   2) BlackBerry direct call
   3) iPhone direct call
   4) Nokia direct call


2.  Call back (advise to use it call it from UK only)
1) Send a SMS to +447786201986. Just insert in the SMS the phone number you want to call in international format.
2) Your phone rings. Pick it up, you are talking to the person you were calling!

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