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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

messagent gives free virtual phone and fax number of UK and Italy for free incoming call and fax to email

messagent is an Italian voip company, it offers the free services as follows:

1. FREE Italy or UK virtual local phone number to receive incoming calls FREE worldwide on sip client such as eyebeam or flaphone;

2. FREE  Italy or UK virtual fax number to receive fax to email FREE, max. 3 fax per month;

3. Call any phone worldwide. The first 20 minutes are FREE! (this maybe available after top-up);

4. FREE sip account, which will be sent to you email after register, the account format is as follow:

  URI: 5274411
  Password: ca2PaCLL

    SIP address is:

1. Add the sip account on eyebeam or flaphone, and you can receive call when someone dial your Italy or UK phone number.

2. One account can have only one local phone number and fax number, open one more account if you need number of the other Country. 

3. Virtual phone number should be received incoming calls at least once a month in order to keep it FREE.

4. FREE call is available between the virtual number of messagenet. For example, if you have an Italy number and I have an UK number, you can use your Italy number to call me free by add your sip to eyebeam or flaphone, and vice versa. 

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