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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 minutes free international call by Vopium

There are so many free 5minutes international call trials, Vopium is one of them, many people don't care this free 5minutes, however, it will help a lot before you choose or top-up for one. 

A tip for you is that if you know how to use tropo, you will find the 5minutes free international trial calls is very helpful for you. You can use it to call from you skype to make free international calls.

Vopium is for Cheap International calls on your mobile phone
The recent price hike of international mobile rates has encouraged telecom users to shift towards Cheap International Calls with mobile VoIP, a move that is highly cost effective and reliable at the same time. Among the recent VoIP services, Vopium has emerged as a strong player in the market offering cheap international calls to all major countries such as Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Italy, Germany, UK, USA and more. Vopium is a free downloadable app which enables users to dial cheap international phone calls from all popular mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Java, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile. In addition to this, the service also offers easily affordable and country specific calling plans for international calls. The advantage of making unlimited cheap international call anywhere on the go definitely makes Vopium a preferred choice for everyone.

  • Free Minutes: 5
  • Availability: Wordwide
  • Activated by: By pick up the phone and press 1,  and also verify email;
  • Ways to Call: call assess number in your Country, pc client(download here), android app, iphone app, blackberry app and Nokie app, and also web-callback.
  • Quality: good
  • Rate: Reasonable
  • Valid: 1 month(5mins trials)

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