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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free International Calls for all OPTUS Users | Call India Free | Call Singapore FREE |

Freedom Calls enables users to make Free International Calls by just dialling local mobile access numbers. Simply use your mobile cap plan and enjoy international calls @ local rate ! 

Special Offer for All OPTUS Users to make Free International Calls at Local rates absoluetly Free 30 Day Trial Offer Simply Dial 1300 658 443 and enjoy Free International Calls at local rates directly from your mobile.

Destinations with + mobile sign includes free calls to landlines and mobiles in that country, and rest of the destinations have free calls to landlines only. Benefits

Argentina flagArgentina + mobile
Bangaladesh  FlagBangladesh + mobile
Canada FlagCanada + mobile
ChinaChina + mobile
Indian FlagIndia + mobile
Malaysia FlagMalaysia + mobile
Mariana Flag Mariana + mobile
Macau FlagMacau + mobile
singaporeSingapore + mobile
San Marino FlagSan Marino + mobile
Thailand FlagThailand + mobile
usa FlagU.S.A. + mobile

The others free destinations, click here

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simplecall said...

I am living in London (uk) But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make unlimited calls to India form UK , It would be help full for me.

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