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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ribbit Free trial beta will be shutdown on January 31, 2012

I received Ribbit's email and feel so pity about the free trial beta will be shutdown on January 31, 2012:

Dear Ribbit Mobile user,
The Ribbit Mobile beta trial is coming to an end. The technology platform underlying the current service is being retired and the service will be shutdown on January 31, 2012. We know that people have enjoyed participating in the beta and the purpose of this email is to help you prepare for the the end of this trial and gauge interest in a trial of a new service.

Upon such shutdown date, the service will no longer function and all messages, call logs and contacts stored in Ribbit Mobile will be deleted. Please prepare accordingly for such deletion.
Instructions to stop forwarding your mobile phone voicemail to Ribbit Mobile can be foundhere.
A tool to download your voicemail audio files and transcriptions can be found here.
We are planning on conducting a private trial of a new voicemail service and are considering offering this service as a paid trial to a limited number of users. If we do conduct the trial and you value some of the great features of Ribbit Mobile voicemail, we would invite you to be one of the first trialists for the new service.
Features being considered
  • Converged voicemail inbox for mobile phone, home phone and work phone with unlimited message storage
  • Automated Transcriptions
  • Premium Transcriptions
  • Email voicemail notifications with MP3 attachments
  • Native iPhone and Android applications
If you are interested, please click a link below to be contacted when the trial opens.  You are under no commitment to purchase by expressing interest in the trial. Ribbit reserves the right to offer the service at different pricing than shown below and Ribbit is under no commitment to offer the trial

Thanks for your support,
Team Ribbit

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