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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free $0.5 web call back by youcall (goober)

Today one of my friends as me to get $2 coupon for him on YouCall at facebook, I got that for him, his YouCall account has been a old one valued customer.

I got a free moments so opened one new account on youcall to have a try, this youcall is an old web phone, powered by goober, today I got a free account and was offered $0.5 for call back on web. Very easy to use:
1.  Open and sign up for a free account by click "register" on the top-left menu;

2.  Activate your account please click the link sent to your email;

3.  Login your account and click call on the top-right menu

4. Choose your Country and enter the phone number of yours and the one you want to call, then click call. 

5. If you are using your phone number at youcall at the first time, you need to pick up your phone first to entered the activate number showing on the web page when you initial a call. (no need to do this step again after activation) (this step is for prevent the abuse using, I guess, I support it because everybody needs to earn to live)

6. After step 5, go back to call again on web page, and then your phone will ring, pick up your phone and the one you call will ring, now enjoy talking. 

Last but now least, you can also try to make free call online. 

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