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Friday, December 30, 2011

Free international Calls $1, upto 260mins | FREE SIP calls | FREE Mobile voip calls | by voicebuy

Every Free Phone Calls here, I test them first before post and share with my dear readers so that you can save your time and enjoy it smoothly. Today I found a nice one offered by, you will have $1 free call trial, how manmy minutes? Please see below, I listed some of them:  

Bangladesh Mobile   $0.02244  (FREE 40 minutes)
Cambodia               $0.03333  (FREE 30 minutes)
Egypt Mobile           $0.05225  (FREE 19 minutes)
India BSLN Mobile    $0.00572  (FREE 174 minutes)
Pakistan Karachi      $0.01166  (FREE 85 minutes)
Saudi Arabia Atheeb $0.0066   (FREE 151 minutes)
China Fixed             $0.008904(FREE 112 minutes)

How's that? Good, right? Yes, I think so, the rate is cheap, what about top-up after the free trial if you found it is really good? It is up to you.

Here let's talk about how to get it: 

2. Choose your language at the top right corner

3. Click register at the top of the page or click here to register

4. Follow the register steps by fill in every blank
Please not that the password should be more than 8 digits and at least with one captial letter and one small letter, such as: Booboo888888

5. After fill in all the blanks then sumbit, and you will receive an email with the username and the email you choose (please note that the username is generated by the company name you entered in registering)

6. Then login, and you will asked to activate your account by sending a SMS code, make sure the mobile phone is the right one, and click it to get the SMS, once git it enter the code and submit. 

7. Click on the below icon at the top left menu of the page, and choose "Manage Account =>Add Account =>Choose SIP accout =>SIP_premium =>Add":
Click this one to get the manage account
Top Left Menu

Add SIP Account

8. Then you will get your SIP account like below:

Account ID 1067474168 
Password lL0gU777

Copy it and save.

9. After a few minutes, you will get another email:
Dear Customer,
Your account is credited with USD 1.To continue click on the link .
and you will see there is USD1 in you account after login (see the Available Funds)
The Balance -1.00USD doesn't matter.

and it also mentioned the domain / server of your SIP account: or or (you can use anyone of the 3 servers)

so now, your SIP account info is full:
Account ID 1067474168 
Password lL0gU777
server/domain: or or

10. How to make free Call?

Click here below to FREE download
For: Android
For: blackberry
For: Symbian

Dial rule e.g: 001-317-527-1000 (USA phone)

If it failed to dial out, just generate another SIP account by repeat the step 7-8. 

and this Free SIP account of voipbuy can make free call to another SIP address such as, however, it cannot receive incoming SIP calls. 


Anonymous said...

great information thanks a lot

BooBoo Phone said...

You are welcome, I am happy that it can help.

simplecall said...

I want to know how to make international calls from multiple registered numbers without using lengthy pin, password and calling cards numbers, Register phone . It would be help full for me.

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