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Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Calls to US/CA | Hangouts in Google+ | also free video calls

As I assumed, Google+ added the Free Calls to US/CA landline or mobile phone now, see the below picture:

The above picture showing that, when you are in the video chat room of Hangouts, you can make Free Calls to USA/CA by click the phone button on the left.

How to get this hangouts in google+? It is very easy, Now let me tell you:
1. You need to have a google+ account (get an gmail first);
2. Login your google+ and scroll down the page, Click the video chat at the Huangouts image, then follow the steps in the popup window(you may be asked to install google voice chat plug in if you don't have, then install it), finally enter the chat room, then you can make calls or video chat as the picture showed above. 

Type your chat room name---->and enter the chat room---->nobody in the chat room? Don't worry, just click "invite" ----->then you will see it the Phone button, click it and start making Free calls to USA/CA.

If you wan to use Hangouts in Chrome extensions, you can click here to install it: 

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