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Monday, December 19, 2011

Phonty | $0.17 free trial | call on any phone anywhere in the world, also SMS on web

As what has described in the site of, I tried and found it is really very easy to make free calls, Connect the microphone and call. No need to install any software and plug-in. offers "web to phone" call and SIP calls, once sign up, you can get $0.17 to call or send SMS.

As for the cheap rates from, calls can be up to 20minutes, click here to type your country and check the rate, very easy 
  • Free Minutes: free $0.17
  • Availability: Call on any phone, anywhere in the world 
  • Activated by: SMS code (it is also your password, you can change it later)
  • Ways to Call: Web to phone or Sip calls
  • Quality: good
  • Rate: Cheap
1. Sign up with your phone (or GV, or any virtual numbers that can receive SMS) to receive password by SMS;
2. Enter your password and then log in;

3. Add a contact and a phone number, then wait a few moments until the button of the call ans SMS come out, then you can click call or SMS, very simple and easy.

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