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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give 1$ to your MSN to Call Free, SMS and Fax the world. by

We can make free calls from landline, mobile phone, softphone PC clients, have you ever thought of making free call from your MSN? Or enven SMS or FAX?

Well, it can be true by using Tamevo which offers Free $1 for Free Call (call back), SMS and FAX from your MSN. 

All you need to do is the sign up, add Tamevo as a friend in your MSN, then you can start you MSN free call journey. Please refer to the steps below:

1. Visit Tamevo and sign up.

2. Enter your mobile number (Quick sign up) and MSN ID.

3. You will receive a verification code on SMS which you need to enter to complete the signup.

4. You also need to verify Tamevo as your friend in MSN contact list. This will enable you to make calls using Tamevo from your IM.

5. Once you have added Tamevo as a friend using your instant messaging client, you can chat with Tamevo and ask it to call, SMS or Fax anyone in the world.

How to call, SMS or send fax ?
In the IM chat window with Tamevo, you type your SMS in the chat window and tamevo will send it. If you want to make a voice call, just type the number you want to call and wait. Tamevo will then call you to your phone and connect you with the person you are calling. You won’t even know tamevo was involved and neither will the person you are calling because the call will appear from your number.
Need to fax out a document? Just type Fax alongside the number and drag in a file from your computer. You can send fax to fax machines or to another computer with ease.

Here is a of chat commands which can will be very useful for making calls, sms, faxes with Tamevo :

Call: Used to make a voice call
SMS: Used to send text messages
ASMS: Used to send anonymous text messages
Fax: Used to send faxes
Help: Lists Tamevo’s supported commands with examples
Mybalance: Used to check up on your balance status
Assign: Used to assign Speedials
Numbers: Used to check the mobile number set as default

So once your free $1 credit expires, then what. Lets check out Tamevo normal rates :
Calls from United States to India are charged at 10.4 cents per minute. That's a lot of money for one min call. Amazingly with some offers, Localphone offers same at just 0.6 cents per min (more than 10 times cheaper). SMS is again costly at 10.5 cents per sms.
Fax seems to be okay, at 6.2 cents per min.

Anyway, it's still a good idea to try Tamevo with free credit of $1.


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