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Friday, December 9, 2011

How to make free calls from Rebtel to Skype Friends

I noticed that many people search "How to make free calls from Rebtel to Skype Friends", in fact, it is very simple to set it up, you make free calls to skype friends by using your landline, mobile phone, mobile voip (android app or iPhone app etc), PC to phone. Here are the steps: (if you have rebtel account, please just start with step 6)

Step 1. Click here to open rebtel, then click "Sign up now"

Step 2. Fill in the forms then click "Sign up now!"

(Number verification may applied to some of the Countries, fox example, USA number needn't, China number needs to be verified by voice), here I use a USA number:

Step 3. Skip "add you contact", just click "skip" and go to step 4.

4. Choose your local number, just click "Yes" in the pop up window is ok.

5. ignore "make free call", just click "My Rebtel"

6. Then Click "Add Contact"

7.  Choose "Skype" in the down list of the last Column instead of Mobile. 
Fill in the Skype ID (the Skype name of your friend, you can type yours if you want to have a test), then click "Save Contact".  (no need to fill in email if you don't want to)

8.  After a few seconds, you will be allocated a local access number to reach the Skype free (See the number on the right of the below image)

Here Free means free rebtel access number fowarded to Skype, when you use your registered number in step 2 to call this access number, you need to pay local call to your carrier, nothing to do with rebtel, that's why rebtel said Free calls to Skype, if your number has free munites to local call by your carrier, then local call is free, if you call from PC client of Mobile app, no need to pay any)

9. Now, place a call to that access number, the Skype will ring: 

--Use Your registered Landline or mobile call the access number ---> Skype (Local call rate may be applied according to your carrier)

--Use your rebtel PC client to call your allocated access number---> (totally free)

--Use mobile voip apps (android, iPhone, blackberry) 
to call the access number---->Skype (totally free)
Rebtel Pc Client

Rebtel Mobile Voip App
More about the free international calls from rebtel, click here

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