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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Call | 1$ free | | Toll-Free number as access number

My friend Luke told me this callnroam offer $1 for free trial call, you can call the access number to reach international calling. How? Please read more below: 

1. Sign up here with your USA/CA number. 

if you don't have a US phone number, you can use your Google voice number, voxox US virtual number or US virtual phone number, or check our "Virtual Phone numbers-USA or CA to get on at the "A-Z categories". (make sure this number can make free call to US or US toll-free number)

2  After a few hours, you will receive an email with the similar like below:
Clike the link in your email to active your account

3. Then after a few hours, you will receive another email like below:

Welcome to CallnRoam ! 

Product : Pay As You Go Global !
Phone Number : 16199003247 
Access Numbers*:
  • 1 (201) 414-5459
  • 1 (609) 878-2201
  • 1 (732) 226-6148
  • 1 (908) 374-6120
  • 1 (973) 330-8253
For more access numbers, please visit

4.  Last but not least, they have a Toll-free number as the access number, you can call their toll free number so no need to pay any local calls from USA:
(888) 358-3992  

If you know how to use Tropo's CallerID, then you can have unlimited account to make calls. Be quiet...hehe...

Please quote our direct link if you want to copy this blog to your pages.

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