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Monday, December 26, 2011

How to fully use the Free Voip Phone Calls resources

There are tons of free voip phone calls resources:
Free 10minutes, 30minutes, 100minutes, Free $0.1, Free $0.3, Free $0.5, $1 , Free $30, Free 0.5€, Free 1€, Free 5€ etc...or even Free unlimited by view ads or doing tasks like survey or downloading...

Those free offers may contains free PC to phone calls, free Web to Phone calls, free Web call back, SMS call back, free access number calls, free mobile voip calls, such as android, iphone, blackberry, and free SIP calls and so on. If you are a voip fan, you may be mess up with all these free calls resources, got the free calls accounts but not use it, and as days past, more and more will be invalid. Why not try to find the easy way(s) to use all of them? You may say:" I don't know how, too many..."

If you have this problem, don't worry, here I have a few solutions for you, just stick to my blog by subscribe your email below, and you will get the solutions in the coming days:
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In the coming days, I will tell you all about how to fully uses all of your free voip accounts into one account to make free calls step by step, as though there are some skills needed, but don't worry, I will put it as easier to understand as I can:

The skills index are: 

1. Use Skype to call free 
    Usually, if you want to make call from Skype, you need to add credits, 
    but if you have plenty of free calls accounts, don't worry, I can help you to put   
    them into your Skype to call out totally free.

2. Use PBX to make all the sip accounts into one SIP account, 
    and use eyebeam make free calls
    More and more voip calls now offer SIP accounts to call out, we call it SIP calls, 
    you have many free SIP calls accounts (if you don't have any, please follow our blog and you will get more and more) 
    Do you want to put all of these SIP account into one SIP account to make free call?
    Or want to use the SIP accounts to make callback? 
    Or make a access number to dial calls? 
    Don't worry, PBXes can help you out.
    (With PBXes, you can also make your own access number to all of your SIP accounts, and as long as there is access number, you can used it in Skype to make free calls. Can you see now? You can just make unlimited free calls with all the free voip accounts, yes, they are small amount per one, but put them all together can be very useful, united is the power).

   Callback contains: 

  • Web Callback
  • DISA: Access number callback ( Call your DID number from your cellphone/landline. When you hear the ringing tone, just hang up, or it hang up itself, cost no minute, then wait for callback and then dial the number you want to call)
  • SMS Callback
In all, if you don't understand what I am talking about above, let me just explain it with as a mobile phone:
1. Skype
Mobile phone = Skype 
SIM card        = access number or PBX
Fees             = free minutes

2. PBX
Mobile Phone = SIP softphone (such as eyebeam)
SIM card = PBX 
Fees = Free SIP accounts with free minutes

So, now you understand completely, right?


Ok, just stick to this blog and I will tell you the skills about how to fully use all of your free voip call account, and you will be very happy to be a voip fan and enjoy real free calls. 

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