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Saturday, December 3, 2011

SipBri adds a SIP account for your google voice (GV) offers bridge service that will connect your VoIP phone or mobile SIP application with Google Voice™ so you will be able to make calls to the USA and Canada for FREE!* by Using your SIP Clients or Voip device. 

How to set up GV: 
1. Create SipBri account
2. Register your Google Voice™ with
3. Create SIP account with and connect your VoIP phone or SIP software/device
Enjoy FREE calling in USA and Canada* and super low international rates
  • Free Minutes: unlimited free
  • Availability:  As long as your have a Google Voice number
  • Activated by: needn't
  • Ways to Call: use SIP clients such as eyebeam or flaphone, or use your voip device
  • Quality: good
  • Rate: Free USA/CA, international rate is reasonable google voiceT prices
Please remember to check the "google chat" in you google voice acccount's phones menu.

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