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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Call and SMS | by, 0.3USD free trial, Web callback and iphone, android and blackberry free calls

Sign up Hoiio and you will get 0.3USD for free international call trials, you can make free calls on web call back, android app, iphone app and blackberry app. The callerID shows your own one(s).


1. Click here to sign up
2. Fill in your phone number to receive SMS code, and verity your number.
3. Then Enter simple details such as password and email etc.
4. Verify your email by click the "Verify Now" link sent to your email.
5. Click Call button on the left menu to make call now (call back, show callerID). Very quick. 
6. You can send SMS online also, very quick.

Have fun!

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