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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free USA virtual phone number offered by Whistle Phone plus Free 20minutes to USA

Whistle Phone is an easy-to-use phone service that you can use anywhere on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Windows PC. Make FREE phone calls to anyone in the US, plus save on your international phone calls with our low calling rates. 

Whistle phone is an old phone, however, it works so well, Calling rate is very cheap,  quality is good, it is just the most easy way to get the USA virtual number. Why I talk about whistlephone today? Because:

  1. Free USA virtual number with unlimited incoming calls, you can use it to activate you google voice if you don't have any USA landline or mobile phone;
  2. Whistle Phone gives you free 20-minute calls to the contiguous 48 US states;
  3. It is the most easier USA-vritual-number-to-get;
  4. Call anyone in the contiguous 48 from anywhere in the world absolutely FREE over WiFi or 3G
  5. Make free, unlimited length calls to any other Whistle user, wherever they are on the globe. 
  6. You can also use whistle phone as the SIP softphone.

How to get it? Follow me:

1. Go to and download the PC softphone or iPhone app

2. Install it and "Create a whistle account" on whistle phone PC client (it is better to fill in the USA info, no need for the real info but just about USA)

3. Activate your email and you will get one USA virtual phone number

4. Then you can login to the softphone to make calls or receive incoming calls

You can use my webphone to have a test for the incoming calls to whistle phone if you don't have any free phone to call that number.

whistle phone also has a SIP account, e.g:

Username: your whistle phone virtual USA number
Password: the password you set 
Server/ Domain:

Next blog I will tell you how to use Whistle Phone to activate your google voice. 

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