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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Add DID numbers from 38 countries to your Mobile Phone for free incoming calls, no charge

These days, we talked about Zadarma and how to use its Free DID number with extensions, and before, we also talked about the skills to use PBXes, now, we use the free DID numbers from Zadarma and its partner Sipbroker to route to your mobile phone free via PBXes. You may need some time to learn how to route it if you don't know how to use PBXes, once, you know how to use PBXes, you will love it and find it is not hard at all, in fact, it is very easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Add a SIP provider which has free munites to call your mobile phone at the SIP trunk of PBXes, if you don't have SIP provider, you can try Nymgo, or go to our sidebar to fin "SIP" then click "FREE sip calls" to get one. Here we set Nymgo as an example: (if you don't have a Nymgo free $3 account, go to our google search bar under the main menu, and type nymgo and click search, and you will see the post of how to get $3 at Nymgo if they still provide free)

Now, follow the steps after you get the Nymgo $3 or others SIP providers with free minutes to your mobile phone:
1): Click Trunks=>Add Trunk=>Add SIP Trunk

2):  then fill in the blank as below, the others remain unchanged and then scroll down the page and click "Submit Changes".

Trunk Name: Nymgo1 ( it can also be any name you like to choose)
Username: freecallsguider (it is the SIP username of your SIP provider account)
"Register: no (just outbound calls)" means adding this SIP trunk only for making outgoing calls, not for incoming calls. 
Choose "yes (inbound and outbound calls)", then this SIP trunk can not only receiving incoming calls, but also can make out going calls. 

3):  Add a Outbound Routing.
1. click Outbound Routing=> 2. Add Route=> 3. Route Name: Nymgo1=> 4. Trunk Seuence: SIP/Nymgo1=> 5. Select Numbers starting by and Separate prefix=> 6. Fill in 99=> 7. scroll down the page=> 8. click "Submit Changes"=> 9. finally click the Red Highlight. 

99 prefix here is for calling out by using this SIP trunk Nymgo1. 
because people usually add more than one SIP trunk, the PBXes system need to know which trunk to call out, dial 99, at the PBXes system will use Nymgo1 to call out, if you add another SIP trunk like Nymgo2, then you need to add prefix e.g: 88. 

The 99 or 88 here is just for examples, you can choose any digits you like, but please make sure not to choose the Country Code like 001, 0044 or 1 or 44, etc.

Step 2:    Add a classical Extension and your mobile phone number at PSTN.
Click Extensions=>Add Extension=>Classical 
 Add your PSTN (landline number or Phone number), here add you mobile phone number

Extension Number: 8002   (you can choose any 3 or 4 digits)
Display Name: PSTN        (can leave blank or can add any wordings)
URL: freecallguider-8002  (username-8002)

(fox example your phone number is 001-800-3733-411) then,
PSTN Number: 990018003733411 (prefix 99 here is to use SIP trunk Nymgo1 to call out as we set here: )
Then click Submit and click the red highlight

Step 3:Add Zadarma SIP accounts to the SIP trunk
My Zadarma SIP account is:
SIP ID (username): 37800
Password: 888888
SIP server / proxy / domain:
Then I fill in as below:

Trunk Name: Zadarma
Remember to choose "yes (inbound and outbound calls)" at "register"
Then scroll down the page and click "Submit Changes", then click the red highlight

Step 4: As zadarma here is for incoming calls, so we add a incoming route
 Click Inbound Routing=> Add incoming route=>
Trunk name must be same as your SIP trunk name: Zadarma
Select extension: PSTN<8002>
Then select "No override (obey the above settings)
The others remain unchanged
Finally click submit and the then the red highlight at the top

Now call the Free DID number with extension by Zadarma or its partner SIPbroker, your mobile will ring. Now, your mobile phone has phone numbers from 38 countries totally more than 300 hundreds DID numbers for free incoming calls. Congratulation !

How to call the Free DID nmbers of Zadarma and its partner SIPbroker? Go back to see our post of yesterday: How to use the DID phone numbers from Zadarma. 
Or search at our google search bar, and you will get it.

If you use out of the Free Minutes from Nymgo, you can change it to another SIP provider, go to our sidebar to fin "SIP" then click "FREE sip calls" and you can find more.

In all
Someone calls your Free DID numbers from Zadarma (he need to pay the local calls), PBXes pick up and routes to classical extension 8002, the PBXes use Nymgo to call your mobile phone at classical extension 8002, your mobile phone ring.

If you need DID number without extension, you can try to find at our sidebar "Free Virtual Numbers" then click on "virtual numbers to SIP", and then route it to your zadarma SIP address:, call this DID number, your mobile phone will also ring. However, there are only a few free DID numbers without extension, they are IPKALL (USA), UKDDI (UK), Tropo (Many Countries), IPcomms, Groovytel, I will add more when I have time, you can find it at sidebar "Free Virtual Numbers" then click on "virtual numbers to SIP". So, submit your email below and you can get the latest free DID number to SIP free (Free SIP DIDS). 

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Any question, please leave your message below or go to our forum to ask, we will reply all and try our best to help you out. 


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